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The Impossible Music Sessions Stockholm is a series of concerts and talks on the theme of freedom of musical expression.


Around the world, musicians are silenced, censored and prevented from creating and performing their music, because it displeases the people in power.


Through The Impossible Music Sessions the silenced musicians take their voices back. Local artists perform the silenced music live. Cross-border collaborations between musicians are created and the banned music sees new life.


The Impossible Music Sessions Stockholm stages banned music in Sweden. It is based on and inspired by the original concept "The Impossible Music Sessions" of NYC, US - www.impossiblemusic.org




Session #3

The Impossible Music Sessions Stockholm - Session #3 is planned to be held on Music Freedom Day - March 3rd 2014 in Stockholm, Sweden. The details of the event are yet to be set, so stay tuned for more info!


Session #2

The Impossible Music Sessions Stockholm - Session #2 took place at Moriska Paviljongen in Malmö, 11th November 2013. Session #2 featured the music of the Tunisian rappers WELD EL 15 and KLAY BBJ, who have been sentenced to imprisonment for their lyrics critical of the police and the Tunisian regime. Their music and tunes inspired by their cases was performed by an exciting line-up of Swedish artists; Hanouneh and The Awakening Band, General Knas (of Svenska Akademien), Daniel Boyacioglu and the Palestinian safe haven writer/rapper Khaled Harara. Info on the event on Facebook can be found here.

Session #2 took place in collaboration with the Swedish Arts Council in connection with their conference on safe havens for artists and SKAP.






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Check out a summary of The Impossible Music Sessions Sthlm - Session #1, 11th June 2013, Södra Bar, Stockholm:

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